Storm Watch on 8/27 Mass

Update: As of now, we are planning on holding Mass at the temple. If you plan on coming, though, please make sure you check weather and flood reports before making the trip, and consider your own personal safety. From earlier: We have a watch on Tomorrow’s Mass due to current weather, and may cancel.┬áIf we decide to cancel the 8/27 Mass, we will update … Continue reading Storm Watch on 8/27 Mass

Advanced Initiation Training

If you are an initiator ready for more training or a member of OTO ready to take steps to become an initiator, save the date for Advanced Initiation Training (AIT) coming to Bubastis Oasis in Dallas, TX the weekend of December 9th and 10th! Advanced Initiation Training offers educational resources and training workshops to active, chartered initiators, facilitating their growth through the development of relevant … Continue reading Advanced Initiation Training

HPW: Left Hand Path

Join us on August 31st for a very special Hermetic Practice Workshop focused on the Left Hand Path led by Don Webb, High Priest of Set (Emeritus). The Left Hand Path is a tradition of spiritual dissent. It supposes a radical goal of non-union with God/Goddess/Cosmos. This tradition is informed by and informs both modern philosophy and esotericism. It rejects certain social conventions and proposes … Continue reading HPW: Left Hand Path