Totocon 2016: Soror Infinity!

We are excited to have Soror Infinity speaking at Totocon this year! What’s in a Name? BABALON ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.’ So said Shakespeare’s besotted Juliet to her Romeo but was she wrong? As magical students we learn quickly that words have power and the name of a powerful archetypal force … Continue reading Totocon 2016: Soror Infinity!

Totocon 2016 Speaker: Nicole DiMucci Potts!

Read about another one of our Totocon presenters! Nicole DiMucci Potts is a self taught henna artist and owner of Scarlet Bee Henna in Austin TX, and has practiced the art of henna for 17 years. Nicole presented this talk on Henna as Magical Devotion at the 2016 Esoteric Book Conference, and is excited to bring this knowledge to Totocon 9. Additionally, she taught the … Continue reading Totocon 2016 Speaker: Nicole DiMucci Potts!

Holy Books Study Group

Dear Brothers and Sisters, ┬áDo what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.Please join us this Wednesday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m. for a general discussion of the Holy Books of Thelema, focusing on dates of reception, authorship, classification, themes and personas, and modes of exegesis. In October, we will continue our discussion of Liber LXV, the Book of the Heart Girt with … Continue reading Holy Books Study Group

Totocon 2016 Speaker Fr. Palamedes Ardentis!

We are excited about Fr. Palamedes Ardentis presentation. Read more about it below! The Warrior-Saints: Sikhism and its Influence on Modern Thelema For being the world’s fifth largest religion, so few people truly understand the teachings and methods of the holy warriors of the Punjab, the Sikhs, and their universalist yet militant message. This talk with offer an overview of Sikh beliefs and practices, an … Continue reading Totocon 2016 Speaker Fr. Palamedes Ardentis!