Scarlet Symposium Presenter: Sr. Dani

Sr. Dani will present a Sigil Wall Workshop at the Symposium. Read about what you will learn from her below. A practical overview on how to draw light from darkness using sigilization. We will cover basic symbolism, types of sigilization, and we will make our own sigil walls to take home. Materials and resources on a variety of existing symbols will be provided. You don’t … Continue reading Scarlet Symposium Presenter: Sr. Dani

Scarlet Symposium Speaker: Frater Palamedes Ardentis

Scarlet Symposium is coming up quickly! Here is some information on one of the fantastic talks the weekend will have. A Dancing, Joyous Harmony: The Thelemic Journey of Timothy Leary Frater Palamedes Ardentis Sometimes, when looking at the lives of our own Uncle Aleister and that of Dr. Leary, the parallels are astonishing. Both were considered wicked and dangerous by the powers that be, both founded … Continue reading Scarlet Symposium Speaker: Frater Palamedes Ardentis

Register for Scarlet Symposium!

The annual Scarlet Symposium will be held the first weekend in June – the 3rd and 4th.   This year, our theme is “A Universe Rejoicing.” Join us as we explore both the import of joy and celebration in Thelemic philosophy, practice, and sacraments and the alchemical process of finding that same joy and celebration even through difficult, challenging, and unpleasant experience. It will be … Continue reading Register for Scarlet Symposium!