Totocon 2016: Frater Samekh!

Frater Samekh will be speaking at Totocon 2016 on, Lion-Serpent, I: Thelema and the Search for Self. Read the presentation description below. Also today is the last day for the early bird discount. Register for Totocon 2016! The advent of modern technology and the transition of the Aeons has left a particular void in the arena of the exploration of Self. In the Age of Osiris humanity looked … Continue reading Totocon 2016: Frater Samekh!

Totocon 2016: Soror Infinity!

We are excited to have Soror Infinity speaking at Totocon this year! What’s in a Name? BABALON ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.’ So said Shakespeare’s besotted Juliet to her Romeo but was she wrong? As magical students we learn quickly that words have power and the name of a powerful archetypal force … Continue reading Totocon 2016: Soror Infinity!