Enlightenment Exploration Ritual Under an Atlantean Full Moon

Arrival time 7pm, Ritual time 7:30pm

Wednesday, March 23, 2016; Sun in Aries, Full Moon in Libra with a partial eclipse during the early morning hours

This month’s ritual promises to be quite useful! Basic mantric pranayama, a guided Atlantean meditation, and the Middle Pillar ritual are combined to give us all the opportunity to explore an area where enlightenment is available, needed, or wanted, etc.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Other preparations aren’t required, though you may choose to wear blue, green or other water-y colors; use one of the Lodge’s yoga mats, or bring your own; bring an item that symbolizes water or your personal enlightenment to charge on the altar; and/or bring an item of food or drink to share while we enjoy community surrounding the ritual.

March’s Full Moon is about bringing early nourishment; traditionally called the Worm Moon – while earthworms reappear the birds enjoy a feast, and the Sap Moon as maple sap begins to flow bringing with it nourishment after the cold winter months.

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