treasury“Money fear not”
—AL III:17

“Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house: all must be done well
and with business way.”
—AL III:41

Many of the goals and activities of the Lodge require a monetary aspect alongside our creativity and industry. Initiations, the Gnostic Mass, our temple, the Scarlet Letter, and many other projects are strongly impacted by our financial health. By making donations and paying dues on a timely basis, you are directly helping the Lodge and our community fulfill our goals and manifest our vision.

Read below about member dues and initiation fees.

Scarlet Woman Lodge Member Dues

The fundamental requirement for membership with Scarlet Woman Lodge is the annual payment of local dues. At this time, local dues are $35 a month (which does not include Grand Lodge dues). Payment can be made in one yearly sum of $420, or it can be broken up into installments (e.g. $35 monthly, $105 quarterly, etc.).

How to Pay Dues

Dues to Scarlet Woman Lodge can be paid in four ways:

1. Paypal. This service allows you to make payments of dues and pledges online. You no longer need to have an account to use PayPal. All you need is a credit card or checking account. It is free for you to use and is very secure and easy to use. If you wish to pay dues, please scroll down and do so.

2. Mail a check. Make checks to “Scarlet Woman Lodge” and mail to:

P.O. Box 81873, Austin, TX 78708.

Checks must have the notation “SWL DUES” in the memo area.

3. DropBox. You may put a check or cash in an envelope with your name and “dues” printed on it, and deposit it in the temple dropbox (by the front door). If you are paying by cash, there must be some way to identify you and that the money is for dues, or you might not get proper credit.

4) By Hand. You may give your dues to the Lodge Treasurer in person during a Lodge business meeting.

“What if I can’t pay local dues for a while?”
We know that everyone can experience tough times. If you can’t pay dues for a short time, just let the Lodge Treasurer know your situation.

Donations and Pledges

The Lodge gratefully accepts donations, including furniture, appliances, artwork, costumes, ritual equipment, tools, office supplies, cleaning supplies, bath items, hardware, etc. We have limited space and needs, so please ask before dropping anything off at the Temple. You can earn a tax exemption for all your donations based on their fair market price—contact the Lodge Treasurer with questions.

You may also choose to pledge financial assistance or make a monetary donation to the Lodge, even if you are not a member. Such payments can be made in one sum or pledged over installments of your choosing. You may make such generous payments the same four ways as with dues. If you choose to use Paypal, please use the following form:

Monthly Dues

SWL Dues Subscription

One-Time Donation:

Automated Pledge Payments:

Automated Pledge Payments


Initiation Fees

If you have turned in an application for an upcoming initiation, you may pay

your initiation fee here—even if the ceremony is not yet scheduled. Again,

you can make payment using the same four methods as with dues (see

above). Although you may make payment of your initiation fees up to and

including the day of the ceremony, it is strongly advised that you pay it

in advance by at least a week. If you choose to use PayPal, please use the following


Initiation Fees:

Degree & Fees

If you have any other questions about dues, donations, or initiation fees, contact the Lodge Treasurer.