Scarlet Symposium: Babalon Talk and Discussion Panel!

ss-2016-webThe Scarlet Symposium is next month. Take a look at the schedule to see the list of great presentations planned for that weekend. The Symposium weekend includes Sister Ronda’s Babalon Talk and Discussion Panel, which you do not want to miss! Here is more information on her talk:

Mighty Babalon, whore of abominations! She who Crowley put on a pedestal and she who so terrified and inspired Parsons and Hubbard. She is sexual energy, raw passion, and the great bride of Chaos. Her tools are the body, the dance, and glamour, with which she weaves her seduction. She is the goddess of whores and all forms of love but she is also the destroyer admonishing her followers to ‘hold not back one drop of blood’ from her. She, who is the apotheosis of the Scarlet Woman. From the mind of Freda Harris, closely monitored by Crowley, she sprang forth as “Lust”, Atu XI, riding upon the Beast harnessing the sexual drive. But what part does she play in the lives of those who adore her in the present age? Though a brief presentation touching upon the highlights of her presence through history and unique views from a special panel of members, we will seek to understand how her great energy aids us as magicians and in everyday life. Being a member of O.T.O. since 2009, Sister Ronda is a novice of Babalon, seeking to share the research and insight gained as one who has but taken a few steps on the path of discovery of this awesome energy force.

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