Totocon 2016 Speaker Fr. Palamedes Ardentis!

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The Warrior-Saints: Sikhism and its Influence on Modern Thelema

For being the world’s fifth largest religion, so few people truly understand the teachings and methods of the holy warriors of the Punjab, the Sikhs, and their universalist yet militant message. This talk with offer an overview of Sikh beliefs and practices, an exploration of the Sikh holy text/”Living Guru” the Guru Granth Sahib, and an interesting perspective as to why Sikhism is very important to modern Thelema thanks to our own warrior-saint, St. Grady Louis McMurtry, and his own esoteric explorations of the system.

14408168_10210361136455017_714904276_oBio: Frater Palamedes Ardentis, also known as Brother Pablo, considers himself many things, including performer, poet, wild fanboy, sometimes scholar/always student, agitator, bard-magus, and whatever else he comes up with. A true lover of Freedom and Passion, he champions love and unity, liberty and danger, creativity and aesthetics. Initiated into the OTO in 2014 at Scarlet Woman Lodge in the Valley of Austin in Texas, he has dedicated his passion and will towards aiding the goals of this esteemed organization. Amongst other things, he’s a cinephile, voracious reader, an insatiable student of the esoteric and an avid gamer (tabletop/video). Born alongside the Panama Canal, he strangely does not like extreme heat and views his perfect weather to be something akin to Fimbulwinter, but he definitely is a child of the Caribbean, with all of its mystic glory, tropical paradises and delicious culinary trappings. Pablo spends his time traversing various underground and subcultural communities, ranging from Science-Fiction and Fantasy fandom, unsanctioned parties and kink events to Underground Rap and radical bookstores to, of course, magical lodges and mystic circles.

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