Serving as an Officer

We encourage our initiate members to participate by serving as an officer in the initiation ceremonies. Naturally, one can officer in degrees already taken—with the exception of Minerval, which requires having taken at least the I°.

Being a member of the Lodge in good standing (i.e. being dues current) is also required (although it is possible to waive this requirement, such as in cases of initiate guests).

If you are interested in serving as an officer, please contact the Initiation Coordinator or the Lodge Master to let them know your interest. Our initiators assemble their own team of officers, but we will often suggest candidates who have expressed interest in serving as an officer.

Serving as an officer is often considered essential experience for obtaining a charter to initiate. If you are of degree and actively seeking a charter, we will attempt to give you some priority.

As an officer, you should expect to study your initiation script carefully and be prepared to attend several rehearsals, which will be arranged by the initiator with whom you are serving. Please also be ready to assist your initiator fully with all the logistics of initiation, including setup and cleanup.

We highly recommend that anyone who is serving as an officer have current certification in CPR and First Aid. CPR Resources provides affordable local classes that many of our members have found to be of high quality.