Scarlet Symposium Speaker: Frater Palamedes Ardentis

Scarlet Symposium is coming up quickly! Here is some information on one of the fantastic talks the weekend will have.

A Dancing, Joyous Harmony: The Thelemic Journey of Timothy Leary
Frater Palamedes Ardentis

Sometimes, when looking at the lives of our own Uncle Aleister and that of Dr. Leary, the parallels are astonishing. Both were considered wicked and dangerous by the powers that be, both founded influential spiritual systems and philosophies, both pushed the boundaries of everything and thought their students to question authority, both supported the development of a new paganism, and moreso. Most important, however, both lived by one important truth and as openly as possible: The Law of Thelema. In this talk, we’ll explore the life of Dr. Timothy Leary, his teachings and explorations, and his unabashedly Thelemic way of doing it all.

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