Totocon 2016: Frater Samekh!

Frater Samekh will be speaking at Totocon 2016 on, Lion-Serpent, I: Thelema and the Search for Self. Read the presentation description below. Also today is the last day for the early bird discount. Register for Totocon 2016!

The advent of modern technology and the transition of the Aeons has left a particular void in the arena of the exploration of Self. In the Age of Osiris humanity looked above to align ourSelves with the Divine. In the Aeon of Horus, humanity is called to look deep within to find Divinity. In the information era, sadly, accounts of personal transformation have been in many ways forgotten. This presentation seeks to address that issue in part.
Lion-Serpent, I: Thelema and the Search for Self will be a presentation of anecdotes and personal accounts collected from a variety of Thelemites exploring their personal journeys in the accomplishment of their True Wills and the all too human search for the elusive Self.
Frater Samekh is a 26 year old Thelemite and OTO member that resides in Houston who much prefers to tell the tales of others rather than his own.





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