Initiation Training on November 26th

We are very much looking forward to our upcoming Initiation Training, offered by Bishop T אריה. This training will provide a discussion of standards and practices of initiation and provide walk throughs for the Minerval, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree initiations highlighting areas of interest with regard to policy, safety, and magick. The training is open to all dues current O.T.O. members of 1st degree or higher in good standing with United States Grand Lodge, and initiates may attend up to their degree. Registration is scaled based on number of degrees attended. The training will be held at Scarlet Woman Lodge.

The deadline for registration with lunch tickets is 11/20, in just a few days. There will be only a short break for lunch, so we recommend if you plan on attending through lunch, and do not buy a lunch ticket, that you pack a lunch.  For more details on our Initiation Training, and to register, please visit our event page.

Initiation Training (November 2016)

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